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100% Natural Lip Balm, Made in Canada, and contains no petroleum or parabens, and is wheat-free and gluten-free. Lip balms in both tins and tubes contain natural SPF via the jojoba, grape seed and hemp seed oils.

The tins are re-usable or recyclable.

The tubes are hand-made in California. They are compostable or recyclable with your paper products. Please watch our VIDEO on caring for your tube. 

Non-goopy and Non-sticky  |  No colour  |  100% Natural  |  6.5 gram tubes  |  22 gram tins

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Lip balms can also be used on cuticles and other dry skin patches.

WHEAT-free and GLUTEN-free

Great for those who like to blend their lip cosmetics, as this has no flavour and will not interfere with your scented lipsticks or other lip products.

6.5g Tube or 22g Tin

Sweet and subtle. Vanilla is always a classic flavour for any season. Scented with real French vanilla oil.

6.5g Tube or 22g Tin

If you like that tingly, cool feeling on your lips, then peppermint is for you. Scented with real peppermint essential oil. (Please note: peppermint may irritate super sensitive lips.) 

6.5g Tube or 22g Tin

Just enough passion fruit flavour without being overpowering. Very
give-me-a-kiss fun. Scented with natural passion fruit oil.

6.5g Tube or 22g Tin

A tube of his very own so he can stop stealing yours. We wanted to give your man soft lips without all the pink branding.  
There are no flavours or scents. Just natural, good stuff.  

6.5g Tube only

Flavour Options

S001 - SCRUB

Get rid of flaky skin! The scrub helps smooth and moisturize your lips. Follow with lip balm for ultra-silky lips. Can be used on elbows, knees and hands.
Contains no flavour or colours. Wheat-free.
30 grams

$17.99 each